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Welcome to the webpage of the Beta Mu chapter of Delta Sigma Phi. This chapter is one of the strongest in the nation, winning our national fraternity's highest award, the Pyramid of Excellence, an unprecendented 30 times. We are an organization that challenges our members academically, socially, and spiritually, with the ultimate goal of making better men. From campus leadership to social events to community service and philanthropy, we strive to make this goal a reality for every one of our members in everything that we do. We open the invitation to explore our website to learn more about our fraternity.

Fraternity Bid Day

About Beta Mu

Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity exemplifies excellence at Transylvania University. Delta Sigma Phi has a diverse membership that is involved in numerous campus organizations, including the Student Government Association, Choir, Transylvania Athletics, and also serve as First Engagement Scholars, Resident Advisors, and Area Coordinators just to name a few. Our members are known around campus for their continued excellence in academics, involvement, and service. 
Leadership and scholarship are not the only aspects of Delta Sigma Phi. Members have the opportunity to build friendships and networks that can lead to career opportunities, and a support group to help you through any challenge college life has to offer. The gentlemen of Delta Sigma Phi can truly say that they never walk alone, and neither will you. Delta Sigma Phi strives to be different from the average fraternity stereotype, and it offers a truly unique and fulfilling Greek experience that one cannot find at any other college campus. 

Delta Sigma Phi Crest

Our History

Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity's roots date back to December 10, 1899 at the College of the City of New York (CCNY).  A group of students bonded after participating in a pre-admissions program, and they wanted some way to continue their friendship during their college careers. These men aspired to join a fraternity, hoping to cement their friendships in a bond of brotherhood that would last a lifetime. However, they lived in a time steeped in intolerance and discrimination. From a background of different races cultures, and religions, our Founding Fathers realized there was no fraternity that was of open mind to accept men to their brotherhood from such a diverse group. Determined to share in the special bond of fraternal brotherhood and displeased with the status quo that would not welcome them as one, they stood undeterred.  They stood together in the face of adversity and challenged the status quo. They set out to create their own new fraternity with a set of values and ideals rooted in the concept of the universal brotherhood of man. They banded together with purpose around this powerful message of unity, openness and diversity and formed the first chapter of Delta Sigma Phi - the first fraternity of its kind.  


After founding a second chapter at Columbia College, Delta Sigma Phi incorporated in December of 1902. During that time, Delta Sigma Phi wrote into law the requirement of open membership to all men of quality, regardless of religion, race or creed.

Delta Sigma Phi Awards


We are proud to say we have had the highest cumulative grade point average among fraternity men for 45 consecutive semesters. The best part of this is that our generous alumni offer a scholarship program specifically for members of Delta Sigma Phi - Beta Mu. The table to the right shows how much each individual member can earn per semester.


Delta Sigma Phi - Beta Mu has won the highest chapter G.P.A. and highest new member class G.P.A. for the past several years at the Transylvania University Greek Awards.


Most recently, Beta Mu was recognized with the award for Academic Sustainability at the 2017 Delta Sigma Phi National Convention.

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Amount Received





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